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Virtual Tours

Fight The Covid Effect
With Google Street View Virtual Tours

Allow parents/students to see what is inside increase registrations and admissions

Virtual Tours

With fewer parents/students are physically visiting campuses before applying, institutions need a virtual tour that can differentiate, convey culture, and tell their unique story.
A google search or a social media binge surfing can only turn into a prospective lead when an informed/initiated parent or a Gen Z student comes across an engaging content.
In addition to delivering unparalleled engagement, virtual tours provide meaningful data. This data is transformed into actionable insights that are leveraged to deliver the optimal results across enrollment marketing programs.


2x parents are prone to contact the school for admission inquiry once they have seen a virtual tour on Google Map against just listing the school website on Google My Business

79% of parents have spent 3X time on a website where they have found a Google Street Virtual Tour 258% rise in virtual campus tours by parents in 2020 compared to 2019.

57% more open rate as well as 38% higher response rates on emailer promotion campaigns that embed links with the virtual tour as they provide the "immersive experience" that parents and millennial students crave for.

3.5X higher inquiry to application rate and 9X higher Inquiry to fee deposit rate when Google Search Campaigns are combined with Google Street View Virtual Tours.

Key Features Of Our Service


A Menu Overlay allows you to showcase different areas of your, for example – and display this on a menu on your tour with direct links to those specific areas. Advanced navigation options allow viewers to jump straight to wherever they want to go, encouraging them to stay on your tour for longer and view features you particularly want them to see.


Hotspots are pop-up windows which present extra information to viewers about what they’re seeing in your tour. You decide where you want these to appear, the format they take, and the details you want them to give. You can also include images, videos, and links to other web content too – perhaps an online form, student or parent testimonial etc


How many people are visiting your tour? How long are they staying? What areas are they looking at? Which products or services are the most appealing? Our Analytics gives you all of this information and more, providing you with valuable statistics to help build a marketing strategy around


The custom menu overlay will sit on your website and is easily shareable to your prospects and social platforms. We can liaise with your web team to do this, as we will supply you with a short piece of code.

In a pandemic lockdown, the trends of prospect behavior have changed. Flat media lacks the ability to be interactive and detail-oriented. They have higher and different expectations of digital experiences. Give them immersive content that allows them to explore. The average edu website visit is 2.4 minutes, while OUR virtual tour visits are on average 10 minutes

Layer additional media, like photos and videos on top of 360 photos. These clickable elements encourage participation and support visual learning. Google Street View Virtual tour increases physical visits increase by up to 27%.

Stand out in search results and attract more parents, drive traffic to your website, and get an advantage over local competitors.

Street View Trusted tours are embedded within Google Knowledge Graphs. Ensuring your Street View Trusted tour and relevant business information is always visible.

A Google Street View tour built with Google Maps technology is an immersive experience, inviting all your customers into your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Simply embed the code into your pages and you can enjoy all the benefits of the Virtual Tour on your website. Customers will love having a look around before they visit.

A bespoke tour offers you total customization with a menu overlay and information hotspots. Great for very large spaces. Image quality is of the highest possible standard and the branding, menus, and navigation are all designed to fit seamlessly with your brand look and feel. Don’t want to showcase your virtual tour on Google Maps, no problem, we offer privately hosted solutions too.

Virtual Tours are extremely easy to embed into your website and they are eye-catching, engaging, and interactive which increases conversions and drives sales. Drive further social engagement and increase Likes by linking to your business Facebook page also*

As an officially approved Google product, Virtual Tours greatly enhance your search results and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through their integration across Google and into your website.

Real-time virtual tour visitor engagement determines the optimal moment to display calls to action. This moves students to the next step in your admission process. Quality inquiries increase by as much as 28%